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University Quality Assurance Directorate

    About the Directorate

    The QAD is a University level organ responsible for the overall management of Quality Assurance activities at SJUIT. The QAD functions as the VC's secretariat on QA issues. Its day to day activities focus on monitoring and evaluation of all Quality Assurance operations at SJUIT, which includes:

    i. Ensuring that set performance standards in all aspects of the University functions are appropriate and relevant;
    ii. Developing and periodically updating general operational manuals to guide University-level QA operations, as well as instruments for use in internal evaluations;
    iii. Monitoring/implementation of quality assurance activities in all Directorates as per the set standards;
    iv. Providing advice and guidance to implementation Directorates on the execution of QA activities;
    v. Coordination of internal self-evaluation of quality assurance systems;
    vi. Analysis of all QA reports (students' course evaluation, external examiners' reports, external audit reports, etc.) and identification of issues arising from them for the attention of the management at departmental, college/faculty/school, and University levels;
    vii. Facilitation of external evaluation of SJUIT and its academic programmes;
    viii. Provision of external evaluation results to Management and Directorates; ix. Monitoring of implementation of internal and external evaluation recommendations;
    x. Advising the VC on QA matters relating to teaching/learning, research, and consultancy.
    xi. Synthesis of topical QA matters in higher education (arising from debates and practices in the regional and global contexts) and updating the University and Management accordingly;
    xii. Updating the VC on the functioning of the SJUIT QA system and on the overall quality status of the university;
    xiii. Linking SJUIT with the TCU and related agencies in QA matters; and xiv. Linking SJUIT with professional bodies that are relevant to its various curricula.


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