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    Global Institutional Learning and Training

    GILT is a unique programme offered by SJUIT for its students to enrich them with GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE. Under GILT, the students can spend the PRE-FINAL year in India where they can study, work as interns, add more new and modern trainings and skills development programmes which are not available in Tanzania. All these skill and knowledge building happened while they attend their normal semester courses. Under this programme the students:

    Get exposed to new technologies by joining in various modern courses offered by sister Institutions or partner institutions in India.
    The skills range from:

  • Various networking certifications offered by WORLD MAJORS;
  • Various Security Solutions;
  • Quality Management Education;
  • SKILL development courses offered by Government institutions;
  • Internships training to obtain HANDS ON SKILLS and EXPERIENCE;
  • Various guest lectures about international Business Environment;
  • Learning about Sourcing of technologies and solutions;
  • And a lot more.
  • Is it costly?

    NO. The GILT students pay the same tuition fee they pay in Tanzania. Apart from this they pay for:

    • Air ticket ( which is well negotiated)
    • For Food, spend the same amount wheat they spend for Food in Tanzania
    • Accommodation provided in campus at a concessional rate.
    • Pay for courses of their choice direct to the partner institutions ( which again is well negotiated)

    Approximately how much is it?

    Particulars USD TZS
    Air ticket 900 2,115,000
    Food expenses 600 1,410,000
    Accommodation 500 1,175,000
    **Any 3 Short Courses in networking/ Quality Management 250 587,500
    Miscellaneous for Tours, Picnics 250 587,500
    Total 2500 5,875,000

    • As per exchange rate in June 2022

    Any other hidden expenses?

    No other hidden expenses. What may come in addition are any medical expenses, any additional programme charges, any other expenses for purchase of PROJECT MATERIALS, etc.

    How do I get to know more about this?

    If you are a continuing student, please contact your DEAN of students.

    If you aspire to take admission in SJUIT, contact your admission office.


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